Zero Waste Dryer Balls


Discover the wonders of our Zero Waste Dryer Balls, an eco-conscious laundry essential that brings a multitude of benefits to your laundry routine. These all-natural wool balls gently soften your clothes while effectively reducing static and wrinkles, leaving your garments feeling cozy and refreshed. Embrace efficiency as these dryer balls also significantly cut down drying time, conserving precious electricity with each use. Plus, they are a safe choice for those with sensitive skin and even for your little ones. Our dryer balls are crafted from all-natural wool in its true, undyed form, and each boasts an average size of 7 cm (approximately 2.8 inches), similar to a tennis ball. The weight varies slightly, averaging between 35-40 grams per ball depending on the color. What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. We carefully source our wool from ethically raised sheep, ensuring their well-being, and opt for local milling to minimize our carbon footprint. Our white wool hails from ranches in Montana & Wyoming, while our colored wools are sourced from the UK. Elevate your laundry experience with these eco-friendly Zero Waste Dryer Balls, where sustainable choices meet optimal performance.