Welcome to Sage and Stone Apothecary, Our mission is to meticulously craft all-organic, small-batch clean skincare and herbal tea blends that promote inner serenity and environmental sustainability. We strive to empower individuals to discover their natural radiance and harmonize with the world around them.




Our soap bar is made with luxurious Shea butter and Rose clay clay for a smooth and creamy lather. This soap is scent with essential oil blend making 100% natural. Ingredients: Olea europaea (Olive oil), Water, Sodium hydroxide (Lye), Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil), Elaeis (Sustainable palm oil) Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea butter), Ricinus communis (Castor oil), Rose clay & Essential oils blend. 4.5 oz per bar. All of our products are handmade therefore each product is unique.


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    "I'm absolutely thrilled with the products I received from Sage and Stone Apothecary! The Rose Quartz Soap Bar is a divine treat for my skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. And the Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is my go-to for unwinding after a long day. Their commitment to quality is evident in every product."
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    I can't get enough of Sage and Stone Apothecary's Rose & Howlite Diffuser Bracelet. It's not only a stylish accessory but also a convenient way to enjoy my favorite essential oils throughout the day. Plus, their customer service is exceptional!
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    I recently purchased the Roll On- Relief, and it's been a game-changer for me. The soothing blend of essential oils really helps ease my occasional discomfort. I also appreciate their commitment to using natural ingredients. Highly recommended!
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    "I'm a crystal enthusiast, and Sage and Stone Apothecary's Rose Quartz Raw Crystals in Bulk are a gem lover's dream come true. The quality and energy of these crystals are exceptional. I'm grateful for the positive vibes they bring into my space. Thank you!"
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Sage and Stone Apothecary is your source for all-natural, handcrafted wellness products. We're dedicated to harnessing the power of nature's botanical treasures to promote health, balance, and rejuvenation. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality herbal remedies, essential oils, and holistic solutions to support your well-being. Explore our collection and embark on a journey to a healthier, more harmonious life with Sage and Stone Apothecary.