Unwrapped Luffa Soaps-Mixed Scents


Need something extra? Grab one of our Unwrapped Luffa Soaps in Mixed Scents – a delightful and practical addition to your bath time. These charming little soaps are crafted using our premium-quality goat milk soap, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience. Each soap is poured over a slice of luffa, creating a wonderfully scrubby texture that offers excellent exfoliation for any part of your body that craves a rejuvenating cleanse. What makes these soaps extra special is that we use the leftover soap at the end of each batch to make them. As a result, they offer a delightful mix of scents. Our customers often enjoy the exciting experience of exploring the variety of scents in our collection, selecting their favorites from our assortment. Please note that the scents you receive will be random, offering a delightful surprise every time you use them. Discover the joy of these unique and invigorating Unwrapped Luffa Soaps during your daily bathing ritual.