Tealight Spell Candle Collectioin 3 Each- 24 Total Listing


Introducing the Tealight Spell Candle Collection, a set of 24 candles carefully handcrafted to bring various intentions and energies into your life. This collection encompasses Prosperity, Health and Healing, Happy Home, Self Love, Psychic Powers, Creativity and Inspiration, Attraction, Justice, and Employment. Each spell candle is a unique creation, filled with a blend of herbs, flowers, anointing oil, crystals, and the heartfelt intentions of the creator. To make the most of these candles, hold and concentrate on your desired outcome, whether it's prosperity, self-love, or inner peace. Visualize a protective energy bubble surrounding you, shielding you from negativity and external influences. Remember, intention and manifestation play a pivotal role in this magical practice. These versatile spell candles can be employed in rituals, spells, or simply burned to manifest your intentions. However, please exercise caution and supervise all open flames for safety. Illuminate your path with the enchanting power of intention and energy.