Protection Tealight Spell Candles


Our Protection Tealight Spell Candles offer warmth and a comforting Warm Spiced Nuts scent. Each candle is meticulously crafted and labeled for individual sale, and as they are handmade, their appearance may vary slightly. These Spell Candles are thoughtfully filled with a blend of herbs, flowers, handmade Anointing oil, and crystals, all infused with my intentions for their purpose. To use these candles effectively, hold them and focus on your specific needs, whether it's protection, safety, peace, or any other intention you have in mind. Visualize a protective energy bubble forming around you, shielding you from negative influences and external forces. Remember that intention and manifestation are key. You can incorporate these Spell Candles into rituals, spells, or simply burn them while imbuing them with your intentions. However, please exercise caution and always supervise open flames, never leaving them unattended. Your safety is paramount.