MINI SAGE Bundle - Botanical Smoke Cleansing Bundle


Introducing our Mini Sage Bundle - Botanical Smoke Cleansing Bundle, the adorable baby bundles perfect for all your smudging needs! Crafted with love and intention, these bundles are designed to clear negative energies and infuse your space with positivity and love. Details: - Sustainably Sourced Prairie or Blue Sage (depending on availability) - Rose Petals - Lavender or Statice - Babies Breath - Wrapped in Cotton Twine - Includes instructions on "How to cleanse your space" - Approximately 4" Each bundle is assembled with care by our team, featuring Prairie Sage and local florals. Our sage is organically and ethically harvested, ensuring its sustainability. Please note that petal colors may vary, as well as the amount and type of wildflowers used. Embrace the power of sage smudging and the beauty of botanicals with our Mini Sage Bundle. Please be aware that, due to the handmade nature of these bundles, variations may occur in terms of weight, fullness, and density. Additionally, all flowers and smudges are shipped DRY or PARTIALLY DRY, and shedding is a natural characteristic. Elevate your space with love and positivity today!