MINI LAVENDER Bundle - Cleanser - Smudge - Lavender Bunch


Introducing our Mini Lavender Bundle - a smaller version of our beloved Lavender Bundle, perfect for those seeking a sage alternative. Handcrafted with love and intention, these bundles are designed to clear negative vibrations, replacing them with a higher, positive energy frequency. Lavender, known for its calming properties, works to ease your mind and body, making it excellent for meditation and creating a tranquil atmosphere in hectic spaces. This cleanser features pure, fragrant lavender, naturally grown, dried, and processed in Washington, and carefully hand-wrapped. Details: - 100% Lavender - Wrapped in Cotton Twine - Energy Cleansing - Approximately 4" - Includes a "BURN CARD" with instructions on "How to cleanse your space" Please note that due to the handmade nature of these bundles, some variation may occur in terms of weight, fullness, and density. Also, please be aware that all flowers and smudges are shipped DRY or PARTIALLY DRY, and shedding is a normal characteristic. Elevate your energy and create a peaceful ambiance with our Mini Lavender Bundle.