GODDESS INTENTION KIT - Self-Care Ritual Kit - Gifting


Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with the Goddess Intentions Ritual Kit Embrace the divine feminine energy within with this empowering kit. D E T A I L S: - Prairie Sage Bundle adorned with delicate pink flowers. - Palo Santo, the sacred wood for energy purification. - Selenite Stick to cleanse and purify your space. - Desert Rose Crystal, a symbol of love and protection. - Pink Scented Heart Tea-light for a soothing ambiance. - Matches for your convenience. - Instruction card guiding you through the bundle-burning ritual. - Crystal property card explaining the energies of both crystals. Select your preferred packaging at checkout: - Reusable Glass Jar. - PET Plastic Pillow Box, made from 100% recyclable plastic, reducing your carbon footprint. Please note that the updated kit features Prairie Sage instead of white sage for a more sustainable choice. Awaken your inner goddess and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment like never before.

Title: Re-Usable Glass Jar