Fluorite Tumbled Crystals in Bulk


Elevate Your Collection with Fluorite Tumbled Crystals in Bulk: - Discover the enchanting world of Fluorite, a translucent stone renowned for its mesmerizing green and purple shades. - Harness its unique connection to the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, making it a powerful ally for students and learners of all kinds. - Experience mental clarity, enhanced cognitive abilities, and improved concentration, perfect for academic pursuits and focused study sessions. - Let Fluorite melt away negativity and stress, bringing tranquility and balance into your life. - Deepen your meditation practice with this crystal, facilitating spiritual awakening and inner purification. - Strengthen your physical well-being, boost bone health, and infuse your aura with Fluorite's revitalizing energy. - Libras and Pisces, in particular, will resonate with the harmonious vibes of this remarkable crystal. Supercharge your crystal collection with Fluorite – a true gem of balance, clarity, and healing.