Floral Cedar Bundle - Smoke Cleansing - Fall Bundle -Smudge


Floral Cedar Bundle - Elevate Your Smoke Cleansing Experience Looking for an alternative to white sage? Our Cedar Bundle is a potent tool for clearing negative energy, purifying your space, and providing protection. Here are the details: - Length: Approximately 4 inches. - Choose from 3 different styles or opt for a pack of 3, neatly boxed for easy display. - Each bundle includes a "BURN CARD" with instructions on how to cleanse your space effectively. Options to Suit Your Taste: 1. CEDAR+ROSE: This bundle features 2-3 rose blooms, creating an impactful and beautiful bundle. Rose colors reflect fall tones like oranges, crimson, and darker yellows. If you prefer different shades (such as pink or purple), please let us know, and we'll accommodate your choice. 2. NEUTRAL CEDAR: A simple and elegant choice, this bundle includes wheat pieces, babies breath, and yellow yarrow for a serene smoke cleansing experience. 3. FLORAL CEDAR: This option combines eucalyptus leaves, carnations, yarrow, and babies breath, offering a delightful blend of flowers and herbs in your cleansing ritual. Elevate your smoke cleansing practice with our Floral Cedar Bundle. Purify your space and bring positivity to your life.


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