Amethyst Tumbled Crystals

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Introducing our Amethyst Tumbled Crystals (3-4 cm), all-natural and hand-polished. Amethyst, a captivating variety of quartz with its rich, illuminating purple hue, holds transformative properties. It can dissolve barriers within the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, paving the way for spiritual growth and wisdom.

Amethyst is not only a protective stone but also a catalyst for enhancing spiritual abilities and intuition. Keep Amethyst by your bedside to ward off negative energy, nightmares, and insomnia, creating a peaceful sanctuary.

Its connection to the throat chakra encourages open communication, helping you address challenging conversations you may have been avoiding. Additionally, Amethyst can be a valuable aid in addiction recovery and hormone production. 

For Aquarius, Scorpio, or Libra individuals, the allure of Amethyst may be particularly strong. Embrace the transformative energy of Amethyst and elevate your spiritual journey and well-being.